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The technology to observe the earth from space using artificial satellites is called Satellite Remote Sensing.

Image data captured by these satellites is widely used in:
• ecological monitoring (global warming, ozone hole destruction, abnormal weather, etc.)
• agriculture
• forestry and fisheries industry (land use analysis, sea surface temperature distribution, etc.)
• prevention of disaster (early stage detection and monitoring of hazard areas and hazard toll, etc.)

Based on its technical expertise VisionTech offers solutions in satellite remote sensing and other advanced technologies in relevant scientific fields, information to national and local governmental institutes, universities and enterprises, for applications in the fields of ecology, agriculture, forestry and fishery, civil engineering as well as urban and environmental planning.

 This is a data set of 10-day SPOT/VEGETATION NDV I MVC (Maximum Value Composite) time-series data with the effect of clouds removed using VisionTech’s own noise reduction filitering algorithm. With this data, the change of the plants over the year is displayed as a smooth curve, which makes possible a pixel-by-pixel extraction of phonology. Data sets covering multiple years and processed in a certain way represents an average feature of phenology over the relevant years and a processed data set for a single year reflects the specific phenological feature of the year of interest.
”AgriLook” is the Agricultural Information System, specifically offered to the Paddy Field Agriculture. This system provides sunlight/solar radiation and temperature data and other useful information obtained from the raw satellites data then processed by advanced technology.
”AgriLook”. This will support the next generation of agriculture.
Milvus-I System can be integrated into an aircraft, airship or UAV to provide automatic shooting of images. The system provides data that can easily be used for the creation of DEMs and ortho mosaics.

This sytem, JAXA COSMODE PROJECT was developed in co-operation with builders Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Product certification of grant.

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